Hey, I’m a creative designer

My name is Bozhidara. I am a UI/web/digital designer and I’m very passionate to my work. With 8 years experience as a professional creative designer I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make every project a success. I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration to concept and execution. I consider myself a very self-driven and organised person who is always searching for improvement. I believe personal potential, persistence and work environment are the keys to success. I strive for excellence and I’m looking for a job where I would be able actualize my desire to achieve high results and to further develop my skills.

I have solid skills in graphic design, an excellent eye for typography, clean layout, purposeful color and attention to detail. I have a deep appreciation for simple, fun, intuitive and usable interfaces. I am well acquainted with user experience and interface best practice methodologies. I love working with design challenges from beginning to end: research, ideation and prototyping to the overall user experience and actual interface design.

I can describe myself as highly organised, energetic, sociable, outgoing, helpful, loyal, ambitious, tenacious, dynamic, open-minded with great adaptability. I love to stay among people and I find that the teamwork is a good resource to reach a successful idea.

The professional experience that I have had until now enable me to work both in group and individually. I find it constructive and stimulating to confront new working experiences and to share my passion for creativity with people like me.