Dark Side Management is an established media acquisition company that operates globally. It helps companies with complex online marketing needs achieve their full potential. The results-driven technology has earned it worldwide recognition for delivering extremely competitive results with a unique client-oriented business model. The company optimizes online marketing campaigns based on the true value of leads and acquired customers. The advanced campaign management systems eliminate the low value segments and optimize the high ones.

Main responsibilities:

  • execute various visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to development;
  • create UI designs through consideration of business requirements & technical limitation;
  • create stunning wireframes, prototypes, presentations, illustrations and production assets;
  • plan and oversee testing criteria for usability studies, A/B Testing of products and platforms as part of the design process;
  • provide design support during development and execution; assist with QA to ensure designs are implemented accurately and with the highest standard;
  • Collaborate with others and work well with developers, Test Engineers and product management